Thursday, December 31, 2009

In Honor of NYE!!

ps-I just bought this movie on amazon for $5 (including shipping!!) wish I could get it teleported here, I'd watch it right now!

New Year's Resolution?

ok, so maybe not really all the shoes... more like the underlying theme of organization. ;)



My Next Rockshow...

I love this top! And how cool are those shoes....its really hard to go wrong with denim & black....
of course this is from that darn swedish site...amazing!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spot On

This girl has the CUTEST style! She's only like....16 I think, she has a style blog, and she is very ahead of her time. I want this leopard headwrap! Also, whoever takes the photos of her has a great camera. I'm not sure where she's from (.nu?) but either way she is adorable!

THE kate moss

Look at Miss Moss in all her shiny cape glory. I love this...reminds me of Penny Lane (Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, duh). Kate almost looks like she is singing in this photo...if she can sing then, just like with Erin Wasson, the world is beyond unfair!

Sweet Swedes

Ummmmm HELLO new obsession! Stockholm StreetStyle, aka, is BEYOND amazing. Aside from the fact that my life inspiration, Lauren Santo Domingo, is featured gallivanting in the streets of Stockholm, the blogs photogs really have an eye for functional and fun fashion. And can I please just say I am thoroughly impressed with Swedish style! Now if only Norway would get a legit streetstyle blog I'm sure they'd give their Scandinavian counterparts a run for their money! The site is in Swedish, but really, tune in for the pics--translation not required.

Another Post on Georgia

In the spirit of repeating my favorites, here is a repeat post topic--Georgia May Jagger.

Love her in photoshoots!

Hemingway Heiress

So I've already done a post on the lovely Dree Hemingway, but she really is one of my favorites.. I think this picture is so beautiful, especially with the background. And I am fascinated by whatever she is wearing on her hands....I love she incorporates the denim in her outfit too--I personally don't don denim on the upper half of my body but she manages to look Cowboy Chic, no?

Don't Mess With Texas

Supermodel Erin Wasson is a force to be reckoned with. She's stepped off the runway to design 2 clothing lines and has a Maybelline contract cinched into her size-00 belt. She embodies the all-American free spirited bohemian, and her looks appeal to fashion labels across the globe. I am patiently awaiting her cameo in the William Rast short films alongside founder Justin Timberlake. If the girl can act too, then the world is truly an unfair place.

Ode to Dior

Ahh Dior. I hold a special place for Dior, I really do. The first designer bag I ever bought was a pink saddlebag with silver coins dangling from the gaudy and ostentatious yet somehow so perfect. I still have it, though I've put it through the ringer and actually really ruined the hardware. After purchasing, I was informed by my mother that my favorite outfit as a baby was a light purple Dior striped collared chic?!
These runway snaps for Spring 2010 remind me of why I love Dior so much--the silky satin look, the unabashed girliness, and the 1940s throwback hair and makeup are a nod to the Dior of yesteryear. To me, Anya and Natasha look like porcelain glam-ice princesses. Love love love.

Loveee MK

Ok so these are like.......super last season. BUT they make me miss summer, dressing up, and having a tan. I know, I know, I live in Miami....but its actually been a little chilly here lately. And despite the fact that I am getting older at an alarming rate, these are all very mature, yeah, maybe in 5 yrs or so I could dress like this and not feel like the blue dress needs to be shortened 4 inches....!

Arrrrrrrribba Chanel!

It appears Chanel has collaborated with Spanish traditional fashion in the latest ad campaign... shot on location in Argentina. I love the lace and the layers...perfect for peeling off in the fickle Spring weather. Oh and I love that Latin man.. hahaha

Guilty Pleasure

Ok so a few months ago while channel surfing I landed on this show on the Style network. Fast forward and the same episodes that I loved back then are now airing as "new" on the E channel.

Even though I've seen them all, I watch them anyway because I really think they are one of the healthiest and happiest relationships I've seen in a while... and truth be told, I totally bought her "Think Like a Guy" book while perusing the self-help section of a Barnes & Noble one rainy Sunday. Ok that sounded pathetic. But really, it was a fun poolside read, and I read excerpts to Novio who probably thought it was completely ridiculous. Either way, there's no harm in watching (or reading) fluff once in a while!

Reunited and it Feeels So Good!

Ok so my faaaave couple of the past, Jude and Sienna, have reunited. Pics from their Barbadian holiday are the cherry atop the endless tabloid rumors.... hopefully the kids are getting old enough to go without a nanny ;)

But seriously, more power to them! I don't really believe in relationships working out the second time around but HEY, I guess some people prefer to just stick with what they know. I definitely object in my own romances, and find happiness steering off the beaten path.

And, in interesting news involving Jude, a girl from my hometown is the mama of his latest offspring.....small world

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Love LSD!

....get your mind out of the gutter! LSD stands for Lauren Santo Domingo...I am desperate for her to do some more photoshoots! Her photos in this spread are so great, and she really is so out of the box--rather than be the typical, boring Upper East Side snoot, she's an artsy and contemporary city gal who smokes cigs and frequents South America with her Colombian bilionare husband. And she writes for Vogue. Nothing about her is normal (or fair!)

I love these in particular because I am a full-on supporter of oversized gold jewelry and tousled blonde hair :)

Michael Kors....Mmmmm

So, in a simple twist of fate it has been brought to my attention that a mere mile seperates me from a MICHAEL KORS outlet.... David Yurman.... Burberry.... Juicy.... ahhh how do I contain myself?! Sadly, I don't have the financial means to take advantage of the proximity. What's a girl to do?? Thankfully, about the same distance away from my home is a Forever 21. For now, Forever will have to do until I hit it big and can wallow in all that MK has to offer...
On a side note, the Juicy bracelet I wanted for Christmas is worth taking a glimpse inside the Juicy outlet....

Vintage Heidi

Ok, so I first saw this Elle Magazine on my way to Costa Rica several years ago in the airport--I didnt buy it at the time because I was mid-run to my connecting flight....and I returned to the states to find the issue had been hauled out and the next month's was in....the pictures from this spread are SO HARD to find but I want her hair in the cover picture SO BAD!!! She looks so amazing! I love how rocker chick the bangs are, but in reality, I am way too low maintenance to keep up with the cut...maybe I should just photoshop my face into this picture ;)

Festive Movies

Tis the season for movies that brighten your spirits and melt your heart....Some of my faves:

1. The Holiday (hey Jude!)

2. Love Actually (the school play at the end=amazing)

3. Home Alone (keep the change, ya filthy animal)

I know there are many more, as well as true classics like A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation, but the 3 listed above are ones I watch year round, not just in December.


Versace's clothes always remind me of Italian Discotecas..... these tiny little dresses trigger flashbacks of a trip I took several years ago to the Italian Riviera and dancing until the sun came up..... in true Italian fashion, I got back to the hotel only to down some espresso and do it all over again.... ahhh youth.

I'd love to make a trip back! Italians are so great, really. And the clubs are always a healthy mix of electronic and vintage disco....with some Wham! and other 80s hits mixed in for good measure...

More Lanvin

I know I already did a post on this collection but I just can't get enough!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twitter e Moda

LOVVVVVING the current issue of Italian VOGUE and its Twitter theme! A good chunk of the photos have models posing in spreads reminiscent of 16-year old girls MySpace pictures..but all in good fun! Props to Vogue Italia for jumping on the social networking bandwagon and poking fun at all the tweeting going on around the world.

Dutch Doll

Lisanne de Jong is the new model du jour for high end runway shows....born in 1990 (eek! making ME feel old...), this Dutch import was the toast of NYC Fashion Week this fall....
In addition to shows like Herve Leger and Max Azria, de Jong is also racking up a slew of campaigns.
5'11.....24 inch waist... whyyyyy are some people beyond genetically blessed? And, as cherries on top, she's a blue-eyed blonde. Bellissima!

More Reasons to Love NYLON!

Nylon Magazine has always been one of my faves. The indie fashionista mag has taken things a step further by offering quite a holiday gift--a 27-song free playlist packed with under the radar musical acts...and again, thats free. Must have the latest version of iTunes to download, which literally took me forever to update. Best of luck to you and happy listening!

Not Such a Mean Girl

Resident gorgeous-girl and haircolor chameleon Rachel McAdams is beginning 2010 en Vogue Magazine's January covergirl. I just watched The Hot Chick over the weekend and it's amazing how long Rachel's been on the scene and still kinda under the her latest interview with the fashion scion she dishes on being single, summing it up as "I'm pretty good on my own." God love her! Her chameleon ways describe not only her hair (pictured here, BLONDE of course), but also her movie roles...Mean Girls, The Family Stone, The Notebook, Red Eye....she is quite the diverse little dish!

Adios, Novio

Today is quite a sad day for me! I took Novio to the airport this morning for his trip to Colombia. For a MONTH! Ugggh. But, my dad pointed out that for some couples, like military couples, a month apart would be a blessing opposed to the 14,15+ months of seperation....I am glad he put it into that prospective for me...

On a lighter note, I embark on my own travels FRIDAY. Home, sweet home! I am actually counting down the days, and I haven't felt like that about a trip home in a while. Friends and family are just what I need I think.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kate the Great

As the latest TopShop collaboration with Kate Moss ascends upon the retail stores, I'd like to take a minute to look back at Kate from one of her first collections with the brand (now she is creating her 4th!). Kate always looks as though she is having the time of her life or up to something mischevious (insert drug habit)...but she also seems to come out on top. Recently, she was named Britian's Style Ambassador, the face who represents what London stands for and personifies their overall look. Pretty high honors for someone who's had a bit of a rollercoaster with the press in recent years....I personally would've chosen Sienna for the honor, but thats because she's always been my favorite--favorite Brit, blonde, and fashion maven...

Going Quite Swimmingly....

These are some snaps from V's swimsuit issue... I love the fact that Kate Moss and Carolyn Murphy are still killin it! Idk the name of the other girl but I am in love with that tiara on her head. And Kate's "jacket"....resembles a mass quantity of my hair extensions. I realize its December right now, but remind you-I live in Miami, therefore swimsuit issues are always au courant.

Viva Norway!

Ahh Norway. Love. Where I was born, so I guess I'm partial.

This year, V Magazine's model contest winner is the 15 year-old Nordic beauty Lea Groesland. In standard Norwegian style, (Scandinavian altogether really), Lea has pale blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and milky white skin.

Making me uber-jealous: the Alexander Wang wardrobe she gets to prance around in for the unfair!

Ms. Scarry

Adding to the blonde socialites I find intriguing, I introduce Olympia Scarry to the blog. Olympia is the graddaughter of Richard Scarry,the children's book author. Her father is also an illustrator who lives in Vienna, Austria. Along with her sister, Fiona, they gallanvant around high society events with the best of them. AND, (sigh) she even dated Pierre Casiraghi, the youngest grandson of Ms. Grace Kelly.

Georgia....ohh Georgia

It appears rock & roll offspring Georgia May Jagger is making quite a name for herself--notably as this year's model of the year in Britian. She is so sassy, and yet, so YOUNG (17!!) Something tells me her attitude is genetic....


I LOOOOVE this Lanvin dress from the Spring/Summer 2010 runway show. Also, what is so great in the styling is the HAIR! I love the hair, all big and thick and plopped down square on top of the model's heads. How fun!

Of course there are other great looks from the show, but mostly on brunettes, plus I love the shade of this emeradly-green contrasting with bright white blonde hair. And her skinny little legs! Ah, jealousy.


Last week, I also had the pleasure of seeing Innerpartysystem and Saosin live in concert. I love seeing these guys. I had the chance to meet them many moons ago when I was in college and have been smitten ever since.

They put on a great show, of course, but my friend Kate and I had just as much fun after the show playing dress up....meoooow