Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She Goes Both Ways...

...Blonde and Brunette that is. I, personally, think she looks great as a blonde. Meet Isabel Lucas. Aside from being the most underrated star of Transformers, this Aussie towhead is also a serious cheerleader for Mother Nature and other feel-good organizations. I hope to see big things from her!
Also, something I am tres jealous of is the fact that in addition to English, she speaks German and French. Probably due to the fact that for a while she lived in her mother's native Switzerland. Either way, it inspires me to hit the books and work on my espanol. Her and Charlotte Casiraghi--last time I checked she was at French, English, Italian, and something else. Spanish maybe.
Speaking of Princess Charlotte, musssst give a shout out to her incredibly chic grandmother, the one and only Grace Kelly.
feliz martes!

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