Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ahh So Sorry!

I apologize @ how time has flown by since my last post. Things have been so loco here! Novio leaves Tuesday (as in, la dia after manana) for a MONTH! Una friggin mesa! :( So unfair... thankfully, my monotony gets a break since this Friday-next Sunday I will be home relishing in fam & friends. I've been diligently buying gifts and slowly packing my suitcase, as well as working on my outer beauty (tanning by the pool, working out incessantly, and spa rituals. I'm ready to WOW 'em as the girl home from the big city ;)

Speaking of WOWing 'em... let me get us all up to speed on this amazingly lithe and haphazard literary heir, Dree Hemingway. As in Ernest Hemingway. As for her own path? It's being forged as a top model, of course. I think she has a very Serena van der Woodsen-way about her, with the disheleved dirty blonde hair and killer Alexander Wang shoes. Sometimes it's hard to see someone so understated as chic, but she still manages to look great. (I always love an excuse not to brush my hair too)

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