Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feliz Diciembre!

Wowowowow.....antes I forget- HAPPY DECEMBER! I am officially now on the hunt for an advent calendar. I love these boxes of cardboard stuffed with chocolately goodness--they remind me of my grandmother (RIP Bea!)... though the one I picked up last year had some funky tasting chocolate. Maybe this year I'll splurge and look outside of the dollar store.

Soooo TIS THE SEASON! I'm going home to mi mamita in a few weeks... around the 20th or so... para una semana! Wheee! I'm looking forward to wearing boots, tights, bar tabs under $10 and breakfast in bed courtesy of my mama. Pero, yo soy mucha triste... Novio is thinking of going to Colombia for a MONTH--meaning he will miss our anniversary, Christmas, and New Years. Soooo not ok. Yo creo he will reconsider.

Anyhoo....time for beddy. Yo tengo una grande semana ahead y I'd like to work out in la manana.



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