Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For the Love of Art!

This weekend marks a huuuuuge event for Miami... Art Basel. Actually, kickoff is tonight, right now, as we speak. Art Basel is a cultural phenomenon, and continues to up the ante on the outside world's view of us Miamians.

I am loving the brisk weather we're getting (brisk being mid 70s)... sure seems prime temperature for strolling down Lincoln and viewing the exhibits. Speaking of artesan and worldly, I had one of my old staples for dinner this evening--Spaghettios. Let me just say, either my tastebuds have seriously matured since college or I was just too drunk to notice, but this shiz tastes NASTY! I even got the fun car shapes with meatballs. What a dissapointment. Maybe save the other can for munchies when I truly have no other options...

SO, I am sitting here on the couch, eating my crap-in-a-can, and novio is having a study session con dos amigos del escuela. Poor guys. Law school sounds so henious. Time for my evening bubblebath.

ta ta!


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