Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mi vida is looking BLONDER and BLONDER every day.
I know I have slacked on the posting, this is why I was such a failure at journals and diaries growing up. Anyway, in a nutshell, I spent the past weekend at the BLUE ANGELS AIRSHOW in my glorious hometown of Pensacola, FL. I swear, every year it becomes a bigger and bigger deal. It never ceases to amaze me. As a friend put it: "Its like the 4th of July...with jets." Bam.

Anyway, then I made the trek back across the state and home to South FL. Annnnnd....(drum roll please)

Tomorrow I sign my lease! AND my ultimate cherry on top---Novio got his VISA yesterday!!! He's officially coming back to me and we are building our love nest one piece of pinestraw at a time. Once the lease is signed we will officially have an address! Soooo exciting!

Back to Chelsea Lately. PS I LOVE MY JOB--so begins another 3 day weekend ;) Hasta manana... for real this time... ps I just watched a trailer for the Time Travellers Wife and the goosebumps/tears aren't stopping...Rachel McAdams is truly gifted. Anyone who can onset tears in a preview 30 seconds long deserves oodles of recognition!!!

besos ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ok, so not quite. Yet. I am apartment hunting-and the timing is most crucial because I need to be out of my current dwelling within a few weeks. Not stressful at all. At least that's what my boyfriend (let's call him Novio-boyfriend in Spanish for those who don't know) tells me daily (following my scheduled nervous breakdowns)...

Let's review my task list for the time being
-Find an apartment
-Make sure Novio gets an I-20 so he's allowed back in the USA
-Turn in his computer for law school
-Gym everyday (maintenance is mucho importante)
-And not go completely insane.

On the plus side: Stress is an amazing diet. I know that sounds so shallow I should slap myself clean across the face for even thinking that way. I am knowledgeable in proper nutrition and exercise and that comment was just irresponsible.

But seriously, I'm definitely like the stress-side effects, ironically, stress reducing ;)