Friday, February 26, 2010

I Miss...

...being a kid. Ahhh the good ole days...

Deep V

Im wondering what my chances are at taking a dress and chopping a slit down the front and hemming it to resemble this I asking for trouble?? It seems simple I already have a box of booby tape to keep it in place so I think its worth a shot!!! Photo via BCBGMaxAzria runway from many moons ago...05 or 06...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Oh Stella, how do I count the ways? PreFall 2010 geniu-osity.

Hunting for Inspiration

Thank goodness has buscar filters! This took long enough WITH I can't imagine without! OH, and I am searching for a black-tie optional dress! I'd like to avoid black....but I really love that deep vneck... ;). Hopefully I come across something in the next mesa with a reasonable $$!


Sasha Pivavarova, looking ever-so-cool.... I love her shaggy platinum hair!!!

photos via fashiongonerogue

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Red Lips & Nails

Barbie: Toothbrush Edition

Don't forget to floss! xoxo

Keys, Please

Luck of the Irish

SOOO I'm not really Irish. PERO, yo tengo suerte! While browsing the Salvation Army store in Key Largo I stumbled across this kelly green gold-plated drawstring satchel by the lovely Italian fashion house Moschino! AND after further google-vestigating I found that this particular collaboration with Redwall is from the 1980s. Clearly the cashier didn't know what it was (and there was no pricetag, I was a little worried), so I asked and she looked it up and down and said $4. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bring on the Sun

Yo penso que Anja looks absolutely STUNNING in these fotos, she is like the posterchild for everything I love: flowers, the beach, boho style, sea salted locks, punchy makeup and au naturale, chunky jewelry, going braless, and a tiny tan body! Viva la summer!!! These are older photos, courtesy of

Layered Neutrals

I could wear these TODO LAS DIAS !!!!

Some Things I am Obsessing Over

Just rolled out of bed freshness, body-con dresses, hair down to there, Isabel Marant coming to America, and jumpsuits