Sunday, November 29, 2009

post turkey day wrap up

This holiday season was spent in Athens, GA with my dad, brother (CT), and novio y my stepmom's family. After dinner... dad CT and I went to paint the town in holiday cheer, resulting in my sorry @$$ staying in bed all day Friday aside from my bouts to the bathroom to yak up turkey, gravy, and vodka.

Also, novio is getting ready for FINALS. Its so crazy that semester uno of law school is practically dunzo. I heard horror stories though that 2nd semester is a total bitch. I desperately hope this is not the case.

ALSO, I found out that my Chrsitmas present is a vacation, I'm a bridesmaid in my old college roomate's wedding, and that exercise and eating right really do wonders for a gal's figure. Primero, the trip: a week, mid-2010 BACKPACKING THROUGH PERU TO MACHU PICCHU! Second, the wedding: Kari & Zack, March 2010. And the gym? I'm slowly dwindling away those post collegiate cling-ons. Soooooooo, all in all, todo bien! Except that I am feeling slightly under the weather.

Tiempo a practico my espanol y leo "The Time Traveler's Wife." Que lindo!


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