Monday, November 9, 2009

ON THIS BOOK!! As a Gossip Girl devotee, I am
truly intrigued by the plotlines as much as the
sick fashion. Case in point, Serena's one shoulder
black dress tonight (and coat she wore over it)
has me literally foaming at the mouth. I gotta have it! Or, at least, its Forever21 knockoff version. I'm just being real--chica's gotta budget.

Which reminds me--I am MUCHAS furious with the fact that Wednesday's holiday will put off my food/gas/anything and everything spending. In other words, payday has been pushed back. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Veteran's...but I also love to eat.

Also, I officially am taking a psuedo-college Christmas Break! I am BEYOND excited to lay around and have my mom cook for me. And to just RELAX. FOr like... 8 or 9 days! Whoa Nelly.

On the brain: Debating a Master's degree. Of course, I would go for Journalism or something of the like... wondering if I should just try my hand at blogging/contributing writing and see how far that gets me before I pony up a third of my yearly pay for tuition.....

Speaking of, its time to proverbially whore myself out to whatever magazine will print my work. And by whore, I mean hound the living day lights until they recognize how valuable I am. Think Glenn Close in Dangerous Liasons w.o the bunny.


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