Monday, November 9, 2009

The Art of Doing Nothing

This weekend, I took it upon myself to relish in doing absolutely nada. Aside from the occasional trip to the gym and Blockbuster, I really didn't strain myself to do much of anything. A large motivator behind this decision was the fact that up until Miercoles I have zero dinero.

Which reminds me--Wednesday is a HUGE dia... aside from my bank account's temporary replenishment I also have a show to look forward to! Joshua Radin, the incredibly soulful and romantic indie artist from NYC is playing at a local dive bar and I am SO EXCITED!!! Nothing I love more than live music. It's been a while--I saw the Killers about 2 months ago and Warped Tour was a distant July memory... so I am in dire need of musical therapy.

Also, I am applying to any-and-every writing opportunity on good ole' Craigslist. Hopefully something can blossom out of my efforts. Til later, mi amigos, tonight is already night and I have a busy semana ahead.

As for Novio, he is MUY BIEN! Doing Torts...or Contracts...or whatever is on the agenda this hour. He works so hard and I know he is tired a lot of the time, I really have channeled inner empathy to not only relate to his studying schedule but also his sleep deprivation. Ahhh mi boo! I love him so much. Almost one semester down..........!


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